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Fatloss Challenge

Are you looking to lose the corona kilos and feel better? Look no further and plan a FREE information session right away!

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Why should you join our Fatloss Challenge?

Get Healthy Habits

Healthy Habits are the key to success! Regular training and eating real foods will help you in the long run. Weekly coaching will help you stay on track and focused.

Lower your bodyfat

A lower bodyfat percentage is closely related to a long list of lifestyle diseases. The Corona crisis showed all of us the importance of a strong and healthy body.

Get strong and healthy

CrossFit training three times a week will make you stronger and fitter than you ever imagined you could be! And we will adjust the workouts to your current fitness level so even you can join in!

Learn about nutrition

You will work together with our nutrition coach to find a way of eating that works for you. Whether you are an avid meat eater or a die-hard vegan, there is a healthy way of eating for everyone.

We invite you to book a FREE information session with us where we can talk about all the details of the Challenge

Who is CrossFit Zeeburg?

CrossFit Zeeburg is the self-proclaimed friendliest CrossFit box of Amsterdam. The reason that we started 5 years ago is to help people feel more confident, get healthier and have fun doing it. Training and moving your body should be fun so it gets easier to maintain regularly and do it for the long term. 

We've done 8 Challenges already and helped more than 130 people with this program only. Give it a chance and join a group of motivated people to work on your health.

Our methods to help you achieve YOUR goals

Nothing fancy, just a very personal plan and a lot of coaching and motivation.


You will do 3x per week CrossFit at our box CrossFit Zeeburg. A really fun and constantly varied workout! We make the workouts for you and they only last one hour for maximum efficiency. And the best thing: the workouts are designed to make sure you lose fat, shape your body, get stronger and more confident about yourself.


You will receive a personalized nutrition plan so you will exactly know how to eat to lose fat. No hunger and with delicious food! We will give you lists with products that are good to eat and what not so good to eat. You will also receive delicious recipes for inspiration. If you don't like certain foods or maybe you don't want to eat meat? No problem! We make a plan based on your personal preferences.


We are there for you! A team of trainers and the nutrition coach are here for you! Every week you have a one-on-one session with our nutrition coach to measure progress and talk about how things are going. In a private Facebook group you can ask us questions, motivate each other, and share recipes and ideas. The real power is in the constant coaching and working together with a group!

We start your journey with our Kick-off Weekend

Date: September 25th & 26th 2021

What will we do in the kick-off weekend?

  • Get to know the group and the coaches
  • Workshops about nutrition, mindset, and setting goals
  • Fundamentals of CrossFit: we teach you the basics, so you can join the regular classes without any problems
  • Learn a lot about nutrition during the workshops from Nicky. Practical information so you can relate to your life.
  • A flying start to the 4-week Fatloss Challenge!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What are the exact dates of the Fatloss Challenge?

The Kick-off weekend is September 25th & 26th and the final measurement is on Saturday October 23rd.

I can't/don't want to eat certain things. Can I join the Challenge?

Yes you can! The nutrition coach will ask you during the intake about all your preferences and is very experienced helping a lot of different people. Everything is possible.

I need to lose a lot of weight. Is the Challenge for me?

Yes it is. As long as you realise the challenge will just be the begining. It is the perfect way to kickstart your new healthy lifestyle. After the challenge you know how to continue to keep losing weight.

I have never done CrossFit before, is this a problem?

No, everyone can join no matter your current fitness level. During the kick-off weekend two CrossFit workshops are included in which you will learn all the basics of CrossFit.

How much does the Challenge cost?

Good question! During the information session we will explain all the details of the Challenge and also the price. Don't worry about it too much, it's not a crazy price and most of our previous participants have told us the program is worth a lot more than they paid.

Do you have testimonials of previous participants?

Absolutely! Please click on these links to our Google and Facebook page and read real(!) testimonials of previous participants.

Not convinced yet? Listen to what previous participants say!

Corrie: "Very happy, a lot more energy!
Marc: "I absolutely loved it!"
Bas: "Best experience I've had in sports"
Madhavi lost 4.2% bodyfat in 4 weeks
Thibault lost 5.2% bodyfat in 4 weeks
Beitske lost 4.2% bodyfat in 4 weeks